Light Tower
Lights: 4 - 1000 Watt Metal Hallide
Lumens: 440,000
Watts: 4000
Height: 30 feet / 9 metre's
Coverage: 5 - 7 acres / 2 - 2.8 Hectares
Engine: Kabota Liquid Cooled Diesel
Fuel: 190 Litre's / 50 US Gallons
Weight: 2625 lbs / 1190 kg

If you need reliability, durability and versatility all rolled into one unit our Light Towers are what you are looking for, providing light and A.C. generating all in one unit. Designed and constructed to withstand the severe operating conditions of Alberta these Light Towers will surpass other machines in the most demanding conditions found in the oilfield, pipeline and construction industries.

Constructed from the highest quality engines and generators these Light Towers are designed to provide dependable and versatile service. Designed for use in Canada’s northern oil fields the Raider Rentals Light Towers outperform other machines in cold climates, experiencing fewer cold oil related issues.

Oilfield, Natural Gas, Pipeline,Residential, Construction,Agricultural,

Our diesel powered generators and light towers by powertower and allmand provide reliable service ideal to a number of industries including: oil/gas facilities/lease's, pipeline, construction, development, housing development, housing construction, gas line, natural gas line installs and virtually any industry that requires power or light in a remote setting.